Springfield + Viridian
The Perfect Match

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Why a Laser?
Because unequipped = unprepared. Laser sights increase your odds of survival and can be a threat deterent. Lasers also aid in low light situations, and allow you to shoot from a variety of positions remaining target-focused.

Viridian Offers Choices with Lasers

Why a Green Laser?
Viridian green laser sights utilize a 510-532nm wavelength range near the center of the visible spectrum, creating an intense targeting dot that is up to 50x brighter than conventional red laser sights. Viridian green laser sights are visible at all times, under all conditions and effective at distances no ordinary laser can achieve indoors or outdoors.
Why a Red Laser?
Viridian red laser sights utilize a 635-650nm laser wavelength range to generate the brightest, sharpest red dot possible, for more positive targeting, higher accuracy and stronger intimidation in situations where lesser lasers may fail.
The Visible Spectrum
Wavelength in Nanometers